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Fillers based on hyaluronic acid perfectly cope with nasolabial folds, making them less deep and expressive

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    ZK MediGroup | Nasolabial fold
    Application of filler
    ZK MediGroup | Nasolabial fold
    ZK MediGroup | Nasolabial fold
    Main Ingredients
    HA Concentration 23 mg/ml, Lidocaine 0.3%
    Shelf Life
    24 months from the date of manufacture
    Prefilled syringe 1.1ml, Needle 30g * 1 ea, Needle 27g * 1 ea
    Depth of introduction
    Dermis or subcutaneous tissue

    Our filler manufacturing technology uses Complex Crosslinking Technology (Chemical & Physical crosslinking) It is formulation that Maximizes the advantages of existing bi & monophasic fillers, and the chemical modification rate (degree of modification, MOD) is low. Safe, excellent cohesive force, high elasticity value and elastic modulus (low phase angle), high satisfaction in use.

    CYNEFILL PRESTIGE DEEP with Lidocaine is a thick and longer lasting gel, used to treat deep wrinkles and nasolabials folds or augmentation of the cheeks, chin, and lips.

    ZK MediGroup | Nasolabial fold ZK MediGroup | Nasolabial fold
    Nasolabial fold injection techniques
    Fern technique

    A series of linear injections perpendicular to the wrinkle, performed starting from the centre of the wrinkle first in one direction (4-5 mm apart), then in the opposite direction. New injection spots must be placed between the previous ones.

    ZK MediGroup | Nasolabial fold
    Bolus technique

    Modified multi-puncture technique, typically used for lips, chin and cheekbones correction. The volume of administered filler usually amounts to 0.1-0.2 ml for lips correction and is injected submucously. It is alternatively used for lacrimal groove and cheekbones correction; injected supra-periosteally.

    ZK MediGroup | Nasolabial fold
    Getting the filler directly into the lines

    This technique comprises of administering multiple injections alongside the wrinkle. The needle is inserted 2-3 mm deep at an acute angle. Multi-puncture technique is used in superficial wrinkle treatment.

    ZK MediGroup | Nasolabial fold
    Causes of Nasolabial folds
    ZK MediGroup | Nasolabial fold
    ZK MediGroup | Nasolabial fold

    The main cause of deepening of nasolabial folds can be considered age-related changes. With age, the skin loses elasticity and becomes drier due to the lack of collagen and hyaluronic acid, the production of which is greatly reduced. Sagging skin in the cheek area also contributes to the formation of deeper nasolabial folds.

    ZK MediGroup | Nasolabial fold
    ZK MediGroup | Nasolabial fold
    Repeated Facial Expressions

    Mimicry, the manifestation of emotions of joy and sadness leave traces on our face. These traces along with wrinkles are nasolabial folds. Over time, the problem worsens and the folds become more pronounced and deep.

    ZK MediGroup | Nasolabial fold
    ZK MediGroup | Nasolabial fold

    Genetics is also the cause of deep nasolabial folds. They are “passed from generation to generation” due to the same structure of facial bones. The thickness of the skin influences their appearance.

    ZK MediGroup | Nasolabial fold
    ZK MediGroup | Nasolabial fold
    Sun Exposure

    Exposure to the sun on the skin of the face adversely affects its condition. The skin loses moisture, becomes dry and because of this wrinkles appear and deepen nasolabial folds. This is also due to UV radiation, which accelerates the breakdown of collagen, which is responsible for the normal condition of the skin.

    Lifestyle Factors
    ZK MediGroup | Nasolabial fold
    ZK MediGroup | Nasolabial fold

    Lifestyle significantly affects the condition of the skin. Premature aging, wrinkles, deepening of nasolabial folds occurs due to smoking, frequent alcohol consumption, stress, poor diet, lack of vitamins and nutrients in the body, not enough sleep. Also can aggravate the situation with poor-quality cosmetics and cosmetic procedures performed improperly.

    before and after
    ZK MediGroup | Nasolabial fold
    ZK MediGroup | Nasolabial fold
    ZK MediGroup | Nasolabial fold
    ZK MediGroup | Nasolabial fold
    ZK MediGroup | Nasolabial fold
    ZK MediGroup | Nasolabial fold
    Benefits of using CYNEFILL fillers:
    ZK MediGroup | Nasolabial fold
    Unlike other cosmetic procedures, the effect after the introduction of filler is visible immediately.
    ZK MediGroup | Nasolabial fold
    After the procedure, you do not need to radically change your life. There are a few restrictions that need to be adhered to for the first time. But this will not prevent you from doing everyday things.
    ZK MediGroup | Nasolabial fold
    The procedure for the introduction of fillers with hyaluronic acid gives long-lasting results. The effect persists for 8-12 months, depending on the characteristics of the skin.
    ZK MediGroup | Nasolabial fold
    The procedure is painless. Since fillers based on hyaluronic acid in its composition contain lidocaine.
    ZK MediGroup | Nasolabial fold
    Fillers have a wide range of applications. They can be used to fill deep wrinkles, nasolabial folds, increase the volume of cheeks and lips, and correct the temporal area.
    ZK MediGroup | Nasolabial fold
    Filler is safe and easy to use. It is biodegradable and completely out of the body, leaving behind new collagen fibers. Once injected, it is easily distributed where it is needed.
    ZK MediGroup | Nasolabial fold
    With the filler injection procedure, a natural look is achieved, the skin is improved, and the face is visually rejuvenated.
    ZK MediGroup | Nasolabial fold

    FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About Nasolabial Fold

    • What are nasolabial folds?

      Nasolabial folds are the deep wrinkles or lines that form from the bottom of the nose to the corners of the mouth. While they are extremely common, their severity can vary. Some people develop wrinkles next to the nasolabial folds, which may be more visible during smiling They’re also called smile lines or laugh lines. The folds, which are made of dense bundles of fibrous tissue and muscles, tend to become more prominent with age. Especially if you smoke or don’t protect your skin from the sun.

    • How do nasolabial Fold Fillers work?

      Once injected, the filler integrates with the skin’s existing cells and begins to attract moisture to the area, which plumps the skin from within. This added volume effectively reduces the appearance of nasolabial folds by smoothing out the skin’s surface.

    • What cause nasolabial folds?

      Nasolabial folds are a normal part of human anatomy, not a medical condition or a sign of aging. These facial creases naturally develop as you grow older or frequently use your facial muscles for smiling or laughing. Although it is completely normal to have them, nasolabial folds become more noticeable due to a variety of factors, including:

      • sun exposure, which damages the skin, causing wrinkles and changes in texture;

      • loss of collagen with age, making the skin look weak and thin;

      • loss of fat, which can make the cheeks and nearby regions appear saggy;

      • smoking.

    • Can Cynefill Prestige Deep help with nasolabial folds?

      Yes, Cynefill Prestige Deep filler is a noninvasive option for the treatment of nasolabial folds. Cynefill Prestige Deep re-introduces volume into the area around the cheeks and lips where volume loss has occured, smoothening the deep folds. Results can be seen immediately and last up to 12 months. Cynefill Prestige Deep can be inject using different techniques.

    • What is the Fern Pattern Technique of injection to the nasolabial folds?

      This technique was developed by a Dutch cosmetic physician Tom van Eijk in 2005 after he experienced disappointment with the aesthetic results of conventional injection techniques. Hyaluronic derma filler is injected precisely according to a certain pattern (in the shape of a fern leaf) in the appropriate skin layer. Performing this technique allows not only to fill underneath a wrinkle but to strategically strengthen the skin to influence the dynamics of the face. Additionally, more natural and long lasting results can be achieved, whilst using less product.

    • What is the Bolus technique of injection to the nasolabial folds?

      A bolus simply means that the needle passes through the skin, usually to a deeper structure, and then we start injecting an amount of product with the needle remaining as still as possible. Deep injections of hyaluronic acids have been thought conventionally to be quickly absorbed if injected below the dermis, but deeper bolus injections appear to have long-lasting effects

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      Korean filler CYNEFILL PRESTIGE DEEP for nasolabial folds

      Deep nasolabial folds give the face a tired and more mature look. They become more pronounced by the age of 30 and tend to deepen every year. 

      Korean cosmetics have long established themselves with the best side and have become popular in the global market. CYNEFILL PRESTIGE DEEP nasolabial fold fillers effectively cope with the problem of deep nasolabial folds, making them less pronounced.

      Types of dermal fillers for correction of nasolabial folds

      Fillers to reduce nasolabial lines are differentiated by composition, time of preservation of the result and the method of withdrawal from the body. By composition, the preparations are natural, the basis is dominated by hyaluronic acid, polylactic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite, polycaprolactone, and synthetic, which includes active substances of non-natural origin, such as polymers based on silicone. Natural fillers biodegrade after a certain period of time, leaving behind newly formed collagen fibers. While synthetic preparations remain in the dermis forever. Their removal is possible with the help of surgical intervention. 

      Depending on the time of action and the method of withdrawal from the body, all fillers can be conditionally classified:

      • non-absorbable;
      • resorbable;
      • long-lasting resorbable;
      • autologous. 

      Synthetic fillers were among the first to appear in cosmetology. They do not have the property of biodegradation, as they do not contain natural components. They permanently remain in the body and can only be removed surgically.

      Absorbable preparations include fillers based on hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite, collagen, polylactic acid. These substances are all native to the body, as they are synthesized to varying degrees by the body itself. After a certain time, they are gradually eliminated from the body completely. This is the most common group of fillers in cosmetology. They are the safest and give the most natural effect. They have many advantages, thanks to which they are preferred by most cosmetologists and their patients. 

      Long-absorbing fillers are preparations based on polycaprolactone. Their effect lasts for 4 years. They are used in cosmetology for a long time, eliminating deep wrinkles and strongly pronounced nasal folds. They are used for age patients.

      Advantages of ZK MediGroup hyaluronic acid-based fillers for correction of nasolabial wrinkles

      One of the best preparations in the fight against nasolabial folds is the filler from ZK MediGroup – CYNEFILL PRESTIGE DEEP. This preparation belongs to the premium products for returning the natural beauty of the face. Its soft and homogeneous consistency ensures easy injection and perfect distribution in the problem area.


      • quick visible results;
      • fully biodegradable;
      • absence of a long recovery period;
      • long term results;
      • safe;
      • simple and easy to use;
      • guaranteed customer satisfaction.  

      Hyaluronic acid-based fillers do not cause allergic reactions and are suitable for all skin types.

      Injection techniques for injecting fillers into the nasolabial folds

      Different injection techniques are used to eliminate nasolabial folds:

      • Filling of the cheekbone and temporal area by injection. This injection restores volume to the temples and cheekbones, while tightening the skin, reducing the expression of nasolabial folds.
      • Injection of an injection into the naso fold area. The filler fills the fold directly, smoothing it out. As a result, its depth is significantly reduced and it becomes less pronounced.
      • use of a combined methodology. 

      The injection technique is chosen by the doctor according to the specifics of the patient’s problem. 

      Use of a cannula for safer and more precise injection of filler

      Special needles – cannulas – are used for the cosmetic procedure. They are needles with a blunt end and an exit hole on the side. They are convenient to work with and allow you to inject a large amount of drug.

      When injecting the drug with a cannula, the following side effects are reduced – hematomas, swelling, painful sensations from the injection. This is due to the fact that it envelops vessels and nerves without touching them. 

      The cannulas are available in different lengths. This makes it possible to choose the appropriate one for insertion into different areas and layers of the nasal and lip dermis. The risk of intravascular embolism is reduced when it is used, which indicates that it is safe.

      With the use of the cannula in cosmetic procedures, the rehabilitation period is much shorter and much easier for patients.

      Expectations and results of nasolabial fold filler procedures

      In order for the result to meet expectations, it is necessary to perform the procedure with an experienced specialist with quality materials.

      The procedure consists of several steps.

      Preparatory stage. For 14 days before the procedure, the patient should not take blood-thinning drugs, antibiotics, give up alcohol and smoking. 

      The duration of the procedure does not exceed 30 minutes. Before injecting filler, the doctor checks the condition of the skin, tells how the procedure will be performed, selects the necessary preparation and calculates its volume.

      Immediately before injection, the skin is treated with an antiseptic and, if necessary, with an anesthetic. Since CYNEFILL PRESTIGE DEEP contains an anesthetic, no additional treatment is necessary. 

      It is essential to mark the injection points in the injection area. This is necessary for a more precise injection.

      The drug is injected in the most appropriate way, which is selected on an individual basis. After the injection is made, the doctor performs a light massage to allow the drug to better distribute in the desired area.

      The final stage is antiseptic treatment and application of a special cream. During the consultation, the doctor will give the necessary advice on follow-up care, so that the result is preserved for as long as possible.

      The result of the manipulation can be assessed immediately. However, after the procedure, there may be swelling and visible injection marks in the areas of injection. After a few days, they will pass and the visible result will be more complete.

      In order for the postoperative period to go faster and the result to last longer, it is necessary to follow all the doctor’s instructions, as well as avoid sunlight, do not take hot baths, do not visit saunas and swimming pools, watch your facial expressions. In case of itching or discomfort that lasts more than a week, immediately consult a doctor.

      The duration of the effect lasts for 6-8 months. Depending on skin type and lifestyle, it can last up to a year. To prolong the effect, the procedure will need to be repeated. It is better to do this without waiting for the full withdrawal of the material.

      Eliminating the risks and side effects of nasolabial fold injections

      As with any cosmetic procedure, injections to smooth nasal labial folds have their own risks and side effects. The procedure should be performed in a reliable clinic, by an experienced doctor who uses quality materials and observes the rules of hygiene. From the introduction of nlf filler should be refused to those who have contraindications. 

      Contraindications to injections with hyaluronic acid fillers:

      • pregnancy;
      • breastfeeding period;
      • inflammatory diseases in the area of drug administration;
      • cancer;
      • autoimmune and cardiovascular diseases;
      • severe chronic illnesses;
      • at risk of keloid scarring;
      • diseases associated with blood clotting disorders.  

      After the injections are administered, small marks remain on the skin. They disappear within a week. To shorten the healing time and reduce pain, you can apply a cold compress to the injection site.

      Request for a consultation for nasolabial fold filler 

      In order to quickly and favorably buy CYNEFILL products, it is enough to simply contact our managers through the feedback form. From them you will be able to get full information about the product and the way of its application.