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About ZK MediGroup

ZK MediGroup|About ZK MediGroup


ZK MEDIGROUP CO. LTD is an International company with its core business aimed at the medical aesthetic, cosmetic and beauty arena. Company is oriented in manufacture and distribution of health and aesthetic appliances.

Our main goal is to compete in the domestic and international markets, innovating every day with high quality products at competitive prices, and with a commercial dynamism that leads the company to position itself as a leading, experienced and versatile company.

ZK MediGroup|About ZK MediGroup

Our innovative efforts have been focused on creating new state-of-the-art aesthetic products for cosmetology and home care, developed through exclusive manufacturing and development, as well as improving the efficacy and safety of their use.

ZK MediGroup|About ZK MediGroup
Lifelong learning

The understanding of different local needs, successful innovations over the years, continuous fine-tunings on existing products and the many lessons learnt in the process have helped us to build the distinctive know-how that is our main assets and which is strengthened by the desire to continue to do and to learn.

ZK MediGroup|About ZK MediGroup
Research and development

We focus on innovation and quality with our r&d centre and vertically integrated manufacturing facilities located in south korea, always centered on innovation to deliver solutions for unmet needs.

ZK MediGroup|About ZK MediGroup

Environmental, social and governance matters are deeply embedded in zk medigroup’s corporate culture with sustainability representing a key element in its business model and ethical management being at the core of every corporate decision.