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    ZK MediGroup | Body filler
    ZK MediGroup | Body filler

    CYNEFILL BODY #50 is a monophasic, transparent, sterile, viscoelastic stabilized hyaluronic acid gel which is designed to replenish the volume and contour of the body.
    The hyaluronic acid is of non-animal origin.


    Ingredient: Hyaluronic acid
    HA Composition : 20mg/ml
    Packaging : Pre-filled syringe 50ml + adapter
    BDDE: < 0.2ppm
    Gel type: Monophasic
    Aesthetic effect : 12 to 15 months on average and up to 2 years with delicate care
    Storage : 2-25℃

    Applications of the filler
    ZK MediGroup | Body filler ZK MediGroup | Body filler ZK MediGroup | Body filler ZK MediGroup | Body filler ZK MediGroup | Body filler
    CYNEFILL BODY FILLER #50 is designed to provide volumetric soft tissue replenishment and body contouring. By the highest quality of cross-linked hyaluronic acid molecules, the filler can provide longer-lasting results compared to traditional old fillers. This type of filler is specifically formulated for use in larger areas of the body, such as the buttocks, hips, or breasts, where volumetric enhancement and contouring are desired
    ZK MediGroup | Body filler ZK MediGroup | Body filler
    ZK MediGroup | Body filler
    ZK MediGroup | Body filler
    ZK MediGroup | Body filler
    ZK MediGroup | Body filler
    ZK MediGroup | Body filler
    ZK MediGroup | Body filler
    CYNEFILL BODY #50 utilizes a unique and patented HENM (High-Efficiency Nano Mesh) technology. This cutting-edge process allows us to masterfully perform HA crosslinking, granting us unparalleled control over viscoelasticity parameters. Also this technique involves introducing a limited number of cross-link agent, which minimally modify the HA structure. The purpose of this stabilization technique is to ensure that the CYNEFILL BODY #50 filler retains its original properties and viscoelasticity over time. By preserving the natural HA network and preventing the filler from losing its structural integrity,
    ZK MediGroup | Body filler
    ZK MediGroup | Body filler
    CYNEFILL BODY #50 can provide long-lasting results. With CYNEFILL BODY #50 , you can achieve remarkable customization, precise sculpting, and natural-looking aesthetics.  
    ZK MediGroup | Body filler
    CYNEFILL BODY #50 can provide long-lasting results. With CYNEFILL BODY #50 , you can achieve remarkable customization, precise sculpting, and natural-looking aesthetics.  
    ZK MediGroup | Body filler
    Highly purified, stabilized hyaluronic acid - 20 mg/ml  
    ZK MediGroup | Body filler
    Advanced filler packaging - 50 ml syringe
    ZK MediGroup | Body filler
    Easy to use and produces natural results
    ZK MediGroup | Body filler
    ZK MediGroup | Body filler
    ZK MediGroup | Body filler
    Safe due to non-animal origin and low BDDE residue
    ZK MediGroup | Body filler
    Long-lasting effect by slow and uniform decomposition
    ZK MediGroup | Body filler
    Optimum results with low usage volume
    ZK MediGroup | Body filler
    The package includes a special adarter for refilling the gel into syringes of smaller volume.
    ZK MediGroup | Body filler
    It is an excellent alternative to invasive procedures 
    ZK MediGroup | Body filler
    It is mainly aimed at aesthetic body correction (e.g. breasts, arms, buttocks, calves and legs).
    ZK MediGroup | Body filler
    The effect is noticeable immediately after body contouring.
    ZK MediGroup | Body filler
    ZK MediGroup | Body filler
    ZK MediGroup | Body filler
    Patients require less recovery time
    ZK MediGroup | Body filler
    The procedure can be performed quickly and effectively.
    ZK MediGroup | Body filler
    Useful for sagging skin caused by aging
    ZK MediGroup | Body filler
    Helps to smooth the skin in case of cellulite
    Frequently ask questions
    • What is CYNEFILL BODY FILLER #50?

      CYNEFILL BODY FILLER #50 is the revolutionary, advanced cross-linked hyaluronic acid body filler, not of animal origin and produced in South Korea, designed to reshape the body in a completely safe way, with no need for surgery.

    • What parts of the body can CYNEFILL BODY FILLER #50 be used for?

      CYNEFILL BODY FILLER #50 can be used to create a higher and more curvaceous body shape. This filler add volume and lift, and enhance your natural contour. In addition, CYNEFILL BODY FILLER #50 can improve the appearance of cellulite and trigger new collagen growth, which achieves tighter, smoother skin. You can use the filler for buttocks, breast, legs, knees, tights.

    • What is the main benefit of CYNEFILL BODY FILLER #50 compared other brands?

      Compared to other body fillers, CYNEFILL BODY FILLER #50 is the highest quality body filler that provides long-lasting results. CYNEFILL BODY FILLER #50 is the first body filler that is packaged in a pre-filled 50ml syringe. This form of packaging saves the doctor and patient up to 3 times the procedure duration.

    • Is Hyaluronic acid safe for using in body area?

      Hyaluronic Acid is a polysaccharide glycosaminoglycan found in the connective tissue and other tissues of the human body. It has a high degree of water binding capacity, making it an important regulator of skin moisture content. Due to its ability to store large amounts of water, it imparts firmness and fullness to the skin. The use of body fillers is a proven method for building lost or deficient volume in various areas of the body.

    • How long does the result of the CYNEFILL BODY FILLER #50 treatment last?

      Aesthetic effect lasts from 15 to 18 months on average and up to 2 years with delicate care.

    • What is the main technique injection of CYNEFILL BODY FILLER #50?
      1. Make markings on the patient’s body where the filler will be injected.
      2. The injection area is treated with antiseptic.
      3. You can performed under local or infiltration anesthesia.
      4. Punctures are made with a 16G needle. Use 17-18G cannula 70-100mm during the procedure (for breast, hips, buttocks area). Inject and separate the filler in the targeted areas to make a desired shape.


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      Hyaluronic acid (HA) filler injections for body contouring

      Injections with hyaluronic acid are widely used in cosmetology. They are also called “beauty injections”, this is explained by the fact that they are used to eliminate skin defects, to fill wrinkles, rejuvenate and enlarge various areas of the body.

      Key Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Injections for Body Contouring

      Hyaluronic acid injections owe their popularity to their many benefits. The key benefits include:

      • quick visible results;
      • adding volume to desired areas;
      • intensive moisturizing of tissues;
      • normalization and smoothing of skin tone at the sites of sculpting injections;
      • acquisition of natural smooth outlines and volumetricity;
      • Achieve dermal elasticity by strengthening the collagen skeleton;
      • does not cause allergic reactions;
      • the risk of adverse reactions tends to zero.

      Hyaluronic acid preparations in the hands of an experienced doctor work wonders with the body. Fat injections will help to quickly return the figure to its natural attractiveness and feel younger. And also due to its properties HA getting into the body, becomes a stimulator of the processes of tissue renewal and equalization.

      Korean premium cosmetic fillers for dermal sculpting

      Many of the world’s plastic surgery clinics use Korean cosmetic products in their practice to correct the figure without surgery. These are premium quality products that attract with their unique characteristics at a relatively inexpensive price.

      Also, dermal fillers for the body Korean-made are quite long under the skin after injection, retaining the initial effect – from 12 to 15 months. The main component of the preparation is cross-linked hyaluronic acid.

      An excellent example of a procedure using hyaluronic acid is the body fillers of the brand CYNEFILL. With its help, it is possible without surgery and surgical intervention to change the proportions of the figure, to restore its volume and youthfulness. The composition of the drug allows you to get a longer effect with a slow elimination of the product from the body.

      Achieving Contouring Aesthetics: Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Gel Injections

      Injections with hyaluronic acid-based gel help to quickly and painlessly get rid of defects on the facial skin and correct external imperfections and age-related changes.

      The process of rejuvenation with these preparations consists in injecting a special preparation containing HA under the skin of the problem area with a syringe. These products are biodegradable and absolutely harmless to the body.

      Sculpting injections help to enlarge and give the lips a beautiful shape, correct the chin line, outline the cheekbones, get rid of wrinkles that are placed around the eyes, fill nasolabial folds, remove interbrow wrinkles, hide scars and scars.

      Contour aesthetics is a great way to prolong your youth and emphasize your natural beauty without going under the surgeon’s scalpel.

      Dermal filler injections for bodybuilding

      Bodybuilding requires athletes not only to achieve athletic performance, but also the beauty of the muscles. In order to achieve proportionality, fullness, to add the desired volume to certain parts of the body and to shaping an ideal silhouette, athletes very often before competitions carry out injections with dermal body fillers with hyaluronic acid.

      Non-surgical contouring: The role of hyaluronic acid (HA)-based fillers

      It is a normal and natural human desire to preserve youth and beauty. But over time, the skin fades, becomes inelastic and dry, buttocks and breasts lose their shape, cellulite and other problems appear.

      With preparations based on hyaluron (HA) these problems can be solved simply and quickly, and most importantly – painlessly. Modern cosmetology does not stand still and in order to gain volume in the right places, remove wrinkles or get rid of cellulite, it is not necessary to resort to surgical intervention and risk your health.

      Exploring the possibilities of body fillers

      With the introduction of body fillers, you can achieve the perfect figure painlessly, without the use of general anesthesia, completely safe for general health.

      Using body fillers allows you to perform the following procedures:

      • enlarge and correct the shape of the breasts and areolae;
      • reduce, enlarge, tighten the shape of the buttocks;
      • to get rid of cellulite and smooth the skin;
      • to rejuvenate the neck and décolletage area;
      • to perform plastics in the intimate area;
      • to rejuvenate, rejuvenate, rehydrate the skin on your hands.

      Due to the fact that hyaluron remains in the body for 12-15 months, and then begins the process of biodegradation. It is completely safe and non-toxic for the body. And the beautiful appearance that you have been dreaming of for so long will become a reality.

      Maximize results with hyaluronic acid (HA) injections for body contouring

      The result of the beauty injection is visible immediately, which can not fail to please. However, after time, the ability of the material to retain in the body is weakened.

      In order for the result of the procedure pleased as long as possible, it is necessary to strictly follow the rules, which will tell the doctor and come to the correction in time.