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Korean-made hyaluronic fillers are great for marionette lines

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    ZK MediGroup | Marionette lines
    Application of filler
    ZK MediGroup | Marionette lines
    ZK MediGroup | Marionette lines
    Main Ingredients
    HA Concentration 23 mg/ml, Lidocaine 0.3%
    Shelf Life
    24 months from the date of manufacture
    Prefilled syringe 1.1ml, Needle 30g * 1 ea, Needle 27g * 1 ea
    Depth of introduction
    Dermis or subcutaneous tissue

    Our filler manufacturing technology uses Complex Crosslinking Technology (Chemical & Physical crosslinking) It is formulation that Maximizes the advantages of existing bi & monophasic fillers, and the chemical modification rate (degree of modification, MOD) is low. Safe, excellent cohesive force, high elasticity value and elastic modulus (low phase angle), high satisfaction in use.

    CYNEFILL PRESTIGE DEEP with Lidocaine is a thick and longer lasting gel, used to treat deep wrinkles and nasolabials folds or augmentation of the cheeks, chin, and lips.

    ZK MediGroup | Marionette lines ZK MediGroup | Marionette lines
    MARIONETTE LINES injection techniques
    Subdermal technique

    The superficial injection of fillers into the area of marionette lines, also called subdermal, is performed with materials with low viscosity and high elasticity. The technique is suitable for patients of all age groups, does not cause complications. The procedure can be carried out both with the use of a needle and with the help of a cannula.

    ZK MediGroup | Marionette lines
    Diffuse reinforcement

    Diffuse reinforcement is used if the patient has dermal wrinkles and folds, average gravitational ptosis of soft tissues and skin. Fillers based on hyaluronic acid with low density are used. Gives excellent results even with a large number of wrinkles in older people. Reinforcement by the method of execution can be linear, fan, transverse, mesh.

    ZK MediGroup | Marionette lines
    Causes of marionette lines
    ZK MediGroup | Marionette lines
    ZK MediGroup | Marionette lines

    Loss of skin elasticity occurs with age. The body stops producing collagen and hyaluronic acid in the required amount. The skin becomes dry and prone to wrinkles, including marionette wrinkles.

    ZK MediGroup | Marionette lines
    ZK MediGroup | Marionette lines
    weight loss and ageing

    Reduction of facial fat and muscle volume. Age-related changes as well as drastic weight loss contribute to the reduction of subcutaneous fat on the face. Muscles lose volume over the years, resulting in sagging skin and marionette wrinkles.

    ZK MediGroup | Marionette lines
    ZK MediGroup | Marionette lines

    Repetitive facial expressions. Mimicry, expression of emotions, constant tension of facial muscles contribute to the formation of folds in the corners of the mouth, extending to the chin.

    ZK MediGroup | Marionette lines
    ZK MediGroup | Marionette lines

    Genetic predisposition to the occurrence of marionette wrinkles. This factor is present in people with dry skin. Dry skin quickly loses moisture, becomes less elastic and smooth. As a result, the appearance of marionette wrinkles.

    Sun exposure
    ZK MediGroup | Marionette lines
    ZK MediGroup | Marionette lines

    Under the influence of sunlight, the skin dehydrates and loses elasticity. UV radiation is the cause of the formation of free radicals, which leads to the destruction of cells. These factors are the basis for the appearance of marionette wrinkles.

    before and after
    ZK MediGroup | Marionette lines
    ZK MediGroup | Marionette lines
    ZK MediGroup | Marionette lines
    ZK MediGroup | Marionette lines
    ZK MediGroup | Marionette lines
    ZK MediGroup | Marionette lines
    Benefits of using CYNEFILL fillers:
    ZK MediGroup | Marionette lines
    Unlike other cosmetic procedures, the effect after the introduction of filler is visible immediately.
    ZK MediGroup | Marionette lines
    After the procedure, you do not need to radically change your life. There are a few restrictions that need to be adhered to for the first time. But this will not prevent you from doing everyday things.
    ZK MediGroup | Marionette lines
    The procedure for the introduction of fillers with hyaluronic acid gives long-lasting results. The effect persists for 8-12 months, depending on the characteristics of the skin.
    ZK MediGroup | Marionette lines
    The procedure is painless. Since fillers based on hyaluronic acid in its composition contain lidocaine.
    ZK MediGroup | Marionette lines
    Fillers have a wide range of applications. They can be used to fill deep wrinkles, nasolabial folds, increase the volume of cheeks and lips, and correct the temporal area.
    ZK MediGroup | Marionette lines
    Filler is safe and easy to use. It is biodegradable and completely out of the body, leaving behind new collagen fibers. Once injected, it is easily distributed where it is needed.
    ZK MediGroup | Marionette lines
    With the filler injection procedure, a natural look is achieved, the skin is improved, and the face is visually rejuvenated.
    ZK MediGroup | Marionette lines

    FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About Marionette Lines?

    • What are marionette lines?

      Marionette lines, a.k.a. oral commissures, are the lines, or shadows, that run from the corners of the mouth downward toward the jawline. When deep, these lines can resemble the lines seen on the chins of marionette puppets.

    • Can marionette lines be corrected by CYNEFILL Filler?

      Marionette lines can be treated with CYNEFILL hyaluronic acid. The treatment needs to be repeated approximately every 8-12 months. One of the most common methods of reducing marionette lines is the dermal filler, an injection under the skin. For this purpose, CYYNEFILL PRESTIGE DEEP can be used.

    • What causes marionette lines on the face and when do they appear?

      On average, marionette lines start to be noticeable around the age of 40, but they can start to appear subtly in your 20s or 30s. They appear naturally with time, but some factors can accelerate their appearance, such as: Loss of Collagen and Elastin, Natural facial expressions, Sun exposure, smoking, Dehydration, weight loss.

    • What should I do to prepare for marionette line filler treatment?

      To minimize the risk of bruising, it is best to avoid blood thinners like aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E, and fish oil for a week prior to your appointment. Do not discontinue any prescription medications. These recommendations may vary depending on your specific circumstances and the advice of your healthcare professional.

    • How does a CYNEFILL filler treatment work?

      The exact amount of CYNEFILL PRESTIG DEEP dermal filler will be administered into the area, adding volume and reducing the creases.

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      Marionette Line Filler is an effective procedure to reduce the lines of the mouth

      Mimic wrinkles or marionette wrinkles begin to form in youth. And over the years, when the skin loses elasticity and turgor, they deepen significantly. In order to make the face visually younger, remove the downturned corners of the mouth, reduce the visibility of lines around the lips, improve the condition of the skin without surgery for treatment are used fillers based on hyaluronic acid.

      Understanding Marionette lines and their influence

      Marionette wrinkles are vertical lines that run between the mouth and chin, causing unaesthetic sagging of the lower face. Their appearance is related to the expression of emotions and the work of facial muscles. In youth they are not yet pronounced, but due to natural age-related changes they deepen and give the face a sad, dissatisfied expression. Also these folds around can visually add years to the face. 

      There are a number of underlying causes that can accelerate the appearance of puppet lines:

      1. Age-related changes. As we age, the skin loses elasticity due to insufficient production of collagen and hyaluronic acid by the body. Muscles become more relaxed and sag. 
      2. Fast weight loss at a young age. As long as the skin is young, it does not suffer from “weight swings”. It quickly tightens and recovers. Mature skin after stretching can not recover quickly and therefore appear folds in the mouth and chin area…..
      3. Lack of teeth. Teeth help to support skin tension. Their absence contributes to sagging of the skin and formation of folds.
      4. Constant tension of the mouth muscles. People who actively articulate, show emotion, and those whose activities are directly related to tensing the muscles of the mouth (radio and television announcers, wind instrument musicians, singers, orators, etc.) are prone to wrinkles in this area.
      5. Exposure to UV rays. Those who like to spend a long time in the sun, tanning, as well as fans of tanning salons, are prone to the appearance of marionette wrinkles. The skin under the influence of UV rays becomes dry and loses elasticity.
      6. Smoking. This bad habit harms the entire body and also leads to premature wrinkles.

      In order to get rid of marionette lines as well as nasolabial folds, dermal lifting with hyaluronic acid-based fillers is effectively used.

      How dermal fillers eliminate Marionette lines around the mouth

      Preparations with hyaluronic acid perfectly cope with marionette lines. With their help, not only lifting, but also saturating the skin with moisture. Thanks to what it becomes smooth, elastic and looks younger.

      Also, after the introduction of a hyaluronic acid filler, the production of elastin and collagen, which are necessary to maintain the dermis in perfect condition, is activated.

      CYNEFILL injectable solutions for the correction of Marionette lines

      CYNEFILL products have proven themselves on the world cosmetology market with the best side. They are premium materials that provide excellent, natural results.

      The gel has a homogeneous structure, soft, which ensures its easy introduction into the folds of the marionette and subsequent formation. The drug does not cause the formation of oral commissures.

      Achieving natural results without surgery

      Hyaluronic acid based fillers are a great option for those people who don’t want to lie down under the plastic surgeon’s scalpel. One procedure of injecting them to smooth out marionette lines is a great alternative to maintain beauty and look younger without surgical.

      Elevator and volume restoration with CYNEFILL CHARM CLASSIC filler

      CYNEFILL CHARM CLASSIC filler is used for smoothing deep wrinkles, such as puppet lines. The preparation with hyaluronic acid is absolutely safe and does not cause allergic reactions. The result is visible immediately after the procedure.

      The presence of lidocaine in the composition of the drug makes the procedure painless and comfortable for the patient.

      Marionette Lines filler procedure details

      Before the procedure, the doctor conducts a consultation and examination. Evaluates the problem area, the depth of the lines, selects the necessary preparation and calculates how much of it is needed to getting the desired result.

      Then the doctor makes marks on which the drug will be injected. After the skin is treated with antiseptic, the drug is directly injected into the problem area with a special needle – cannula.  

      Who might benefit from the procedure for filling in the marionette lines?

      The procedure may be recommended for people who have the following problems:

      • deep marionette lines;
      • Dry skin around the mouth that needs moisturizing;
      • insufficient skin tone and firmness.

      Understanding the amount of filler needed and the duration of the procedure

      The amount of filler for the procedure is calculated based on the area of the problem area and the depth of wrinkles.

      The entire procedure takes between 30 and 60 minutes.

      Outcomes and follow-up care

      The result of the filler procedure can be appreciated immediately. The doctor will tell you how to take care of your facial skin after the session.

      Expected result and duration of action of filler to fill the marionette lines

      After the filler insertion procedure, the result can be evaluated. However, due to slight swelling at the injection sites, it will be incomplete. After a week, when the swelling subsides and the wounds heal, you can see the result of the procedure.

      The effect of preparations based on hyaluronic acid lasts up to a year, then their biodegradation begins.

      Follow-up care tips for optimal recovery and health maintenance

      Injections involve piercing the skin in problem areas. These actions result in small wounds and swelling that subside within one to two weeks, depending on the skin type.

      In order for the recovery period to go faster, you should follow the doctor’s recommendations, refuse to stay in direct sunlight, from visiting saunas and baths. It is recommended to lubricate the insertion sites with creams or gels containing panthenol. You can apply cold compresses.

      Safety considerations when using puppet lines filler

      In order to be happy with the results of the procedure, it is necessary to choose a reliable clinic and an experienced doctor. During the procedure, all hygiene and sanitary requirements must be observed, and proven, effective preparations must be used.  

      Factors to consider before injecting filler for marionette lines

      From the procedure with fillers it is better to refuse those who have the following contraindications:

      • intolerance to the ingredients in the filler;
      • acute form of chronic diseases;
      • cancer;
      • inflammatory processes in the areas to be injected;
      • period of pregnancy and lactation.