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Hyaluronic acid fillers are used to combat vertical wrinkles

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    ZK MediGroup | Vertical lip lines
    Application of filler
    ZK MediGroup | Vertical lip lines
    ZK MediGroup | Vertical lip lines
    Main Ingredients
    HA Concentration 23 mg/ml, Lidocaine 0.3%
    Shelf Life
    24 months from the date of manufacture
    Prefilled syringe 1.1ml, Needle 30g * 1 ea, Needle 27g * 1 ea
    Depth of introduction
    Dermis or subcutaneous tissue

    Safe, excellent cohesive force, high elasticity value and elastic modulus (low phase angle), high satisfaction in use. CYNEFILL CHARM CLASSIC is a cross-linked, lightweight and high-viscoelasticity dermal filler developed for the treatment of various concerns such as fine lines are wrinkles. Upon treatment, CYNEFILL CHARM CLASSIC quickly absorbs into the skin to create a healthy and plump result in the injected area.

    ZK MediGroup | Vertical lip lines ZK MediGroup | Vertical lip lines
    Vertical lip lines injection techniques
    Needle technique:

    For best results a soft / fine filler is injected extremely superficially directly into the wrinkles using a 30G 12mm needle for a smoothing effect. Very small amounts (0.1-0.2ml) are required for most treatments.

    ZK MediGroup | Vertical lip lines
    Cannula technique:

    We recommend using a 25 gauge, 38mm cannula for treatments around the mouth. Make your insertion points either side of the mouth, use your cannula to wriggle through, then use a retrograde linear thread technique around the perioral area.

    ZK MediGroup | Vertical lip lines
    Causes of vertical lip lines
    ZK MediGroup | Vertical lip lines
    ZK MediGroup | Vertical lip lines

    Age changes, reduction of collagen and elastin produced by the body are the main factors influencing the appearance of vertical wrinkles. Fillers replenish the missing substances that affect the condition of the skin.

    ZK MediGroup | Vertical lip lines
    ZK MediGroup | Vertical lip lines
    Dry skin

    Usually, this cause is also related to age. Dry skin that has lost its elasticity is an excellent testing ground for vertical wrinkles. Fillers perfectly restore the water balance of the skin, while reducing vertical wrinkles.

    Sun exposure
    ZK MediGroup | Vertical lip lines
    ZK MediGroup | Vertical lip lines

    From the action of solar radiation, the skin ages faster, becomes dry, loses elasticity. These reasons are enough for the acquisition of fine and deep vertical wrinkles.

    ZK MediGroup | Vertical lip lines
    ZK MediGroup | Vertical lip lines

    One of the harmful bad habits that directly affects the condition of the skin. In smokers, the skin becomes dry, sensitive, on it vertical wrinkles become more noticeable.

    Facial Mimicry
    ZK MediGroup | Vertical lip lines
    ZK MediGroup | Vertical lip lines

    Mimicry, expression of emotions, movement of facial muscles contributes to the appearance of vertical wrinkles. It is impossible to live without emotions, but fillers will help to quickly and permanently get rid of vertical wrinkles.

    before and after
    ZK MediGroup | Vertical lip lines
    ZK MediGroup | Vertical lip lines
    ZK MediGroup | Vertical lip lines
    ZK MediGroup | Vertical lip lines
    ZK MediGroup | Vertical lip lines
    ZK MediGroup | Vertical lip lines
    Benefits of using CYNEFILL fillers:
    ZK MediGroup | Vertical lip lines
    Unlike other cosmetic procedures, the effect after the introduction of filler is visible immediately.
    ZK MediGroup | Vertical lip lines
    After the procedure, you do not need to radically change your life. There are a few restrictions that need to be adhered to for the first time. But this will not prevent you from doing everyday things.
    ZK MediGroup | Vertical lip lines
    The procedure for the introduction of fillers with hyaluronic acid gives long-lasting results. The effect persists for 8-12 months, depending on the characteristics of the skin.
    ZK MediGroup | Vertical lip lines
    The procedure is painless. Since fillers based on hyaluronic acid in its composition contain lidocaine.
    ZK MediGroup | Vertical lip lines
    Fillers have a wide range of applications. They can be used to fill deep wrinkles, nasolabial folds, increase the volume of cheeks and lips, and correct the temporal area.
    ZK MediGroup | Vertical lip lines
    Filler is safe and easy to use. It is biodegradable and completely out of the body, leaving behind new collagen fibers. Once injected, it is easily distributed where it is needed.
    ZK MediGroup | Vertical lip lines
    With the filler injection procedure, a natural look is achieved, the skin is improved, and the face is visually rejuvenated.
    ZK MediGroup | Vertical lip lines

    FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About Vertical lip lines

    • What are vertical lip lines?

      Vertical lip lines, also known as lip wrinkles or smoker’s lines, are fine lines that appear on the lips and the surrounding skin.

    • What causes vertical lip lines?

      Vertical lip lines are caused by aging, loss of collagen and elasticity, sun exposure, smoking, and repetitive lip movements.

    • How to get rid of vertical lip lines?

      Vertical lip lines can be effectively reduced with CYNEFILL dermal fillers, which add volume and smooth out the fine lines around the lips.

    • What is the best treatment for vertical lip lines?

      The best treatment for vertical lip lines depends on individual needs but often includes hyaluronic acid fillers, which provide volume and smooth the skin.

    • How do fillers work for vertical lip lines?

      Fillers work by injecting a gel-like substance into the lines, adding volume, and smoothing the skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

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      Get rid of wrinkles above the lips with CYNEFILL: a versatile filler to remove and reduce wrinkles above the lip line

      Age, facial expressions, stress, bad habits – factors that negatively affect the appearance. Wrinkles, creases appear, the skin around the lip line becomes thin and dry. In order to change the appearance and give it a more youthful look, injections with dermal fillers based on hyaluronic acid from the Korean brand CYNEFILL can help.

      What are lip lines?

      On the face between the lower part of the nasal septum and the upper lip, the wrinkles formed are called lip lines. Also other irregularities and folds around the mouth that appear at a young age are called lip lines. They are formed due to facial expressions, chewing, in smokers, adding years visually and making the face less attractive.

      Types of lip lines

      There are several types of lines that form around the mouth. The most common are:

      • puppet lines;
      • vertical wrinkles;
      • smile lines.

      Marionette lines are wrinkles that are located in the area between the corners of the mouth and the chin. Their appearance can be observed from the age of 28-30, and they become deeper and more visible with age. 

      Vertical wrinkles around the mouth of small size, located perpendicular to the contour of the lips are called vertical wrinkles. The reason for their appearance at the age of 25-30 years is thin, dry skin in this area.

      Smile lines are folds on the sides of the mouth. They are caused by facial muscles working during facial expressions, smoking, eating, talking, laughing, smiling. 

      Perioral lines make the face look older, giving it a mask of sullenness and sorrow.

      Reduction of vertical lip lines with CYNEFILL

      Hyaluronic acid fillers are used to reduce vertical lip lines. The Korean brand CYNEFILL has produced fillers for the treatment of wrinkles, which are injected directly into the problem area. The procedure is quick and painless unlike plastic surgery. It does not require special preparation and has a short recovery period.

      Smoker’s wrinkle removal

      In addition to the fact that smoking negatively affects the entire body, the bad habit leaves negative traces on the face. They manifest themselves in the form of peri oral lines. Fillers made in Korea CYNEFILL perfectly cope with vertical wrinkles. And if you stop smoking after the procedure, the effect will last much longer.

      Best treatments for lip wrinkles

      For the treatment of perioral wrinkles in cosmetology, a variety of techniques are used.

      Injection procedures – biorevitalization, mesotherapy, plasma therapy, bioreparation. The procedures involve injections with vitamins, polynucleotides, microelements, patient’s plasma, hyaluronic acid. A course of 3-4 procedures is recommended.

      A botulinum toxin type A injection procedure that helps to relax the circular muscles of the mouth. The result lasts from 6 to 10 months.

      After 40 years of age, laser resurfacing is prescribed. With the help of a directed laser beam, the process of skin renewal and regeneration is triggered. It is recommended a course of 3-5 repetitions depending on the depth of wrinkles with a break of a month.  

      Chemical peels with the help of which the upper layer of the skin is smoothed and regeneration processes are activated.

      The most popular procedure recommended by many cosmetologists is contour plastic surgery with the use of fillers with hyaluronic acid. These preparations not only smooth the problem area, but also fill the skin with the necessary moisture, as well as start the process of synthesis of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin in the body. 

      CYNEFILL dermal fillers for the treatment of lip wrinkles

      By performing injections with fillers from the Korean brand CYNEFILL, manipulations are performed to remove wrinkles around the mouth and give you a beautiful, youthful face.

      Injections are used to augment the lips, perform lip corner lifting, and remove expressions of sullenness and grief from the face.

      Benefits of using CYNEFILL CHARM CLASSIC

      Using CYNEFILL CHARM CLASSIC filler, the results will not be long in coming. This is a premium product, the effect of which has already been proven on many clients. The product is a monophasic filler with a soft consistency. It is convenient to work with, it is perfectly formed and distributed in the areas of its introduction.

      The filler insertion procedure has a number of advantages:

      • the result is visible immediately after injection;
      • Doesn’t take time to recover;
      • increased confidence in your own attractiveness;
      • long duration of the effect;
      • safety of use.

      Thanks to the complex cross-linking technology used, the product maximizes the advantages of available mono- and bi- fillers. The filler is lightweight and highly elastic with excellent results.

      Injection procedure

      The introduction of filler is carried out using a special thin needle – cannula. The drug is injected into the problem area, wrinkles in which it is necessary to fill. Simultaneously with filling and smoothing of the skin, the process of synthesizing the body’s own collagen and hyaluronic acid is activated.

      What to expect during the injections

      The procedure is quick and painless. The preparation contains lidocaine, which acts as an anesthetic. Injection areas may leave marks and swelling, which disappear within a week. 

      Preparing for the procedure

      Special preparation for the procedure of injecting fillers is not required. It is recommended 2-3 days before the manipulation to refrain from food and drinks that contribute to water retention in the body. This is salty and smoked food, alcohol and smoking. it is also necessary to refuse to take blood-thinning drugs.

      Recovery and aftercare

      After the procedure is recommended to refuse to visit the sauna, bath, being under the open sunlight until the healing of injection sites and swelling subsides.

      Risks and side effects

      Risks and side effects are minimized when the procedure is performed at a reliable clinic by an experienced physician.

      How to minimize risks

      Choose a reliable clinic, be sure to make an appointment for a preliminary consultation to meet the doctor. After the procedure, follow all instructions and recommendations exactly.

      How long do lip fillers last?

      Depending on individual features of the skin, lifestyle, presence of bad habits, the result can last from 8 months to a year. After that, the procedure can be repeated.

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